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Meet Daniel Eccles

About Daniel Eccles and The Opportunity Collective


Welcome to The Opportunity Collective, a collaborative network for emerging leaders dedicated to creating new opportunities for ourselves and others.


We believe that Collaboration > Competition. 

As an official "opportunist" in The Opportunity Collective, you'll have access to so many opportunities. In addition to the podcast, you'll receive exclusive content such as an opportunist-exclusive podcast featuring other collective members who are building their platforms in real-time, resources based on personal and professional development best practices, and opportunities to build relationships with other emerging leaders to help you achieve your goals.


Join us today and collaborate with other emerging leaders to start creating opportunities. 

Official Bio

Daniel Eccles, Certified Career Counselor
Owner of Learned Opportunity LLC.

Host of The Opportunity Collective

Daniel lives with his wife in Indianapolis, Indiana where he practices Career Consulting as a National Career Development Association Certified Career Counselor. 
Daniel writes, speaks, and produces content for personal and professional leadership development.

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