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I have an important question for you… 

What’s keeping you from a purpose-driven life? 


I’m Daniel Eccles. As a faithful creator myself, I know it’s easy to feel isolated and like you aren’t making the impact you feel called to create. 


But it doesn’t have to stay that way. 


You're here because you have a calling, and here's the key to fully living it: 


Collaboration > Competition.


You read that right: collaboration over competition. The old ways of ceaseless competing and rivalry are out, and the call to collaborate and elevate is in, my friends.  


When we collaborate, we elevate.


We can climb, together. 

We can dream, together.

We can achieve, together. 


Let’s start collaborating to create more opportunities and live purpose-driven lives, together. 


About Daniel

I’ve faced many mountains through life, just like you. And what I’ve learned is that it’s harder to scale a mountain alone. I admit, I haven’t had as hard a time in life as many of you have. Do you know why? I’ve always had a supportive community around me. People who want to see me live to my full potential.


 Community is rare, and it’s something that I wish more people had in their lives.  


My awareness of the impact other folks have had on my life has led me to want to step into the lives of others as a guide: to help, to encourage, and to scale the mountain with you.   I know the feeling of being passionate about something (like my podcast!) but thinking I was the only one who cared. Scrolling through Instagram, it seemed like all those other creatives, entrepreneurs, and leaders could write a couple of words and have a more significant impact than I could in a year of content creation.


 I pushed to achieve my ambitions. However, instead of relying on the support that got me to where I am today, I spent years in competition, trying to stand out and pursue my calling through my abilities. Spoiler alert: It didn't bring the results I craved. And it was lonely. So what’s different now? And why am I experiencing more results and more fulfillment?


 The answer is collaboration. Over the years, I’ve discovered a tried and true method that helped me create authentic opportunities and community, and I want to help you step into what you are created to do with this method, too.


I call it Collaboration > Competition.

Kimberly P.

Daniel is such an encourager and visionary. He sees what people are trying to do and what they are capable of, and he comes alongside you to help you on your journey. Daniel had me on his podcast, promoted my work to others, taught me about podcasting, and even introduced me to Tanner Olson of to do an interview with, among other amazing faithful creatives. This led to growth of my platform and many new friends along the way. I can't thank Daniel enough. 
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