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Meet Daniel Eccles

Imagine meeting a friend of yours for a coffee and catch up conversation. You immediately notice the bags under their eyes. They look exhausted, defeated. 

Like a shell of the friend you know and love.


"What is wrong!" you ask. 

"I really do not know," they answer. 

"I just feel stuck. I have no idea what to do with my life. There has to be more."

You may have experienced some of these same feelings. What is it you and your friend want? 



Options for your personal/professional life that align with your values, purpose, and desires. 

I’ve put a lot of effort into thinking, writing, and speaking about opportunity. Gaining opportunity in your personal and professional life makes us feel more fulfilled and satisfied.  I believe opportunity leads to thriving instead of just surviving. 


I am here to gain more opportunities for more people. 

Since I’ve always appreciated a wide variety of life experiences,  I offer multiple areas of opportunity development. I offer Career Consulting Services for individuals who want to find their next opportunity toward a more fulfilling work life. I also offer businesses Podcast Consulting Services in order to help these businesses scale their message and gain more opportunities to serve their staff or clients.  

Can I assist you in gaining more opportunities in your personal and professional life?


Contact me and we'll enjoy a lovely Ethiopia pour-over at a local coffee shop and chat about the life experiences that excite you. 

Official Bio

Daniel Eccles, Certified Career Counselor
Owner of Learned Opportunity LLC.

Host of the Learned Opportunity Podcast

Daniel lives with his wife in Indianapolis, Indiana where he practices Career Consulting as a National Career Development Association Certified Career Counselor. 
Daniel writes, speaks, and produces content for personal and professional leadership development.

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