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Build a Better Career Package

Includes 1:1 Consulting, LinkedIn Optimization, Resume/Cover Letter Edits, Networking Organization, Practice Interviews.


Office Meeting

LifeMappingU Experience

 LifeMappingU helps you discover your skills, values, teammate/supervisor needs, salary expectations, prime location, and more!   


Business Colleagues

Career Consulting Session

Need someone to look at your LinkedIn, Resume, or Cover Letter? Want to practice your interview skills?Sign up for a Career Consulting Session. 


You can have a more satisfying life



Monday is here again. The weekend was great, but short. Monday means you return to the dread. You wish you had something that sparks excitement, a drive, that will improve your quality of life. You've got the skills to do great work, to bring value to your community.


You just need the right opportunity.


So how do you create more opportunities instead of waiting to stumble upon them?

LifeMappingU or The Build a Better Career program will guide you as you create more opportunities in your personal and professional life. You will have a peace of mind after you see better outcomes from the decisions you make. 


LifeMappingU Experiences Include: 

- A professional assessment that helps you discover possible career pathways

- 1 on 1 coaching that helps you communicate your story

- A workbook that will define your top skills and values

-Continued support and reflection opportunities

Build a Better Career Packages Include: 

- 1 on 1 consulting

- Resume/ Cover Letter Optimization

- LinkedIn Specification

- Networking Organization

- Practice Interviews



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